50 Shades Of Bitch.
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I heard someone snoring in my room so I started freaking out, I didn’t know if I should let them sleep or beat them with my Jesus stick. So I jumped up and turned the light on and it was my dog…


may the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

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i wasted my last bagel my life is over

Just get some bread and cut out a circle

i have never been so offended in my entire life

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Type your url: fartgallery
Type your url with your elbow: fafrtfgalldy
Type your url with your eyes closed: fartgallery
Type your url with your chin: hello, i am chin. i have been trapped on this man for 21 years with no means of escape. this is my first chance being able to communicate with the world, please send help. i dont know how much longer i have to t—

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Wow, that was one sick burn Robin.

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I don’t care how shitty Chuck Bass is. I love him and he’s my favorite.

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